How To Beat Drug Addiction? Steal My Method

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Do you want to sober up and stay clean? Are you sick and tired of having to do this shit all the time? Do you really want this on your own because you don't want to go to rehab?


If you agree, then read on because I will answer the question on how to beat drug addiction.


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Know your why


This is so essential. You need to know your WHY!


Why are you consuming? Why did you start in the first place? And why didn't you stop at a certain point?


What's the cause of your drug addiction?


Can you tell? Be honest.


If you don't know the cause of your consumption, you don't know the triggers. And if you don't know your triggers, you will never be able to solve the root cause.


Symptoms are the only thing you might be able to manage.

Action Step

  • Grab a pen and paper and create a 'drug career'
  • Start with your first consumption
  • Note every gap, break
  • Note every increase of your consumption (and the reason why)

Remember your D-Day

You might wonder what the heck do you mean by D-Day?



No that's not exactly what I mean, but the principle of it.


What I mean by that is you need an event. A nasty thing to experience. A once in a lifetime experience. Something like going to jail.


An event on a specific day that changed your life completely. And on that day you've made the decision to beat your drug addiction.


Can you relate? Have you experienced something similar?


Then you have what I call the D-Day and you need this later on once you have a craving.

Action Step

  • If you have a D-Day always remind yourself on that D-Day (if you have a craving)
  • To make it more effective imagine the worst case scenario what will happen (if you would consume again)

Skills to prevent relapse in the future


You need something to fill the void with, because you filled the void with consumption before.


Therefore you need a coping skill, a new hobby.

Action Step

Some of those coping skills can be implemented instantly. Some of them are sophisticated and hard ones but will help the most, especially in the long run.

In the end it's all about finding something new in your life. Changing your life for the better.


Hell yeah, I didn't believe it myself but you can life without drugs:-)


Questions, suggestions?


Let me know.


Put in the comments below.

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