Coping Skills For Addiction – 30 Ways To Crush Your Craving

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of the upcoming coping skills for addiction - it's only 2 minutes long.

Sooner or later it's there. This bloody craving. You need it. Instantly. And nothing else matters.


It's like suffering from tunnel vision. And you are going wild if there's nothing there.


Addiction is a ticket straight to hell - as a minimum.


Do you agree?


Below you will find some coping skills for addiction you can implement in your life.


Let's get started:

Watching a Movie

A great way to immerse into a different world.


Those 90+ minutes you are just focusing on that particular story and nothing else.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said this of course.


Here's a list of movies you can watch when you are depressed.

House Working

A never ending story..


Playing with Kids

It's almost impossible to find time they don't wanna play:-)




Of course the older they get the more you will be unappealing..

Shower / Bath

Maybe an icecold shower or just a relaxing bath. It's worth a try.


Activities With Your Family

Get your head out of your butt and let's go.



Playground. Cycling. Hiking. Puzzling, etc.

Video Games

Often it can be a pain in the arse. Sometimes it will make you hate life:-)


Especially when the last level is actually quite tricky, which pisses you off because the rest of the game was so easy.


If you've ever played Call of Duty you know what I am talking about:-) Video games can be very emotional and stimulating at the same time.


How about a new challenge?




Btw, Theesa has some interesting facts about video games as well as Mentalfloss.


Can be done anytime, anywhere. You don't need any equipment.


It's a change of scene.


Helps very well to clear your mind.


Even if it's just for a few minutes but that's the time the craving normally lasts.



Exercise or going to gym

You increase energy, and you are physically stronger, and have muscles where there were none.


You will never go back to your old ways, old attitude or old body.


You will love yourself all over again.


Cleaning up your diet and developing a workout habit are the best things you can do for yourself.


Track your progress by pictures and how your clothes fits you.


Buy one outfit that fits a size too small, then when you fit into it you know you made progress.


Need a motivation?



Start your improvement now.

Using a Mantra

Think about something you can say to yourself over and over again once the craving is there.


The goal is to endure the urge which normally lasts a few minutes.


Can be a massive drawback of your consume or something similar.



This will keep you busy for hours and hours.



It's a great way to distress and can help open your creative mind giving you a relaxing hobby.



If the craving isn't that brutal this might be an idea. Maybe you can read something about a topic you always wanted to learn or know about.


It's a mental stimulation and you will improve focus and concentration.


Ever heard of Russel Brand?


Martial Arts

You are pushed outside of your comfort zone, which as a result, allows you to grow inside and outside of the dojo.


You will learn the importance of commitment, dedication, first time listening, and respect.



It's an investment in yourself and that's invaluable.



The feeling after you finish your run is amazing. The point where you feel like you can’t go any further and you prove your body wrong by pushing through.


You always feel accomplished afterwards.


You can use running as a stress reliever. It's very therapeutic.


It can help more than any medicine you have ever taken.


Good shoes is all you need to get started.



Take a step back from anxious thoughts and really examine them.


With practice you are able to pause, remind yourself to breathe, and find it much easier to cope.


Headspace, Insight Timer and Calm are very good smartphone apps.



A backyard garden will bring many years of contentment and relaxation.


It's an extension of your home to entertain family and friends for years to come.




If you are serious here's a remarkable tool kit.


Getting a pet

Pets are great because they simply keep you busy. Going for a walk with your dog, playing, feeding, etc.


It won't get boring.


And they are always there for you. Feeling your mood.


Could be my pug


They help in so many ways.



Another way to survive the craving but def not easy - give it a try.


Deep breathing

Focus on belly breathing - here's a how to.



This can help relax after a hard day. Painting is a trip to a magical place where you can create the world you wished you lived in.


It can brighten up your dark and dreary days.



Bob Ross is absolutely fascinating.


Cooking means preparation and focus.  You are distracting yourself.


Cooking can also help not only lost weight but inches. You feel better.

Journaling / Writing Therapy

Express your pain and trauma and release them safely and privately in your own way, rather than keeping them locked inside.


It allows you to control your stories instead of having them control you.


Start an Online Business

If you are stable enough why not teaching other people how you did it?


Showing them how you have overcome your challenge.


If you can solve their burning problem they will happily pay you for.


Read my post on how to get started with your online business. This can be done for free.


Talk to like-minded People

Hearing other people's stories can sometimes make your problems really small.


Not everybody likes meetings but maybe it's something for you.


Helping Others to Stay in Recovery

This is something you should only do if you are stable enough.


Complete Honesty

Helps your surrounding to support you as good as possible.


Be a referee (with your emotions)

That way you have ownership over them - you aren't judging. It helps to understand the bigger picture.



Become an Observer

That's a difficult but interesting one. Observe the emotion you have when the craving is there.


Why is it there? What's the reason? What has caused the craving? Which situation? Which trigger? What exactly happened?


Then you can dig and dig.



Getting a childs mind. Always asking why questions to find out more.


Not suitable with a unstable condition - get in touch with your therapist first if you have one.



The craving is there and you just accept it's there but you don't consume.


In simple terms, you don't give a shit.


Always see yourself stronger than the craving. Always be stronger than the monster.


You have the control over the craving not vice versa.


Learn something you wanted to learn

There was a time before your addiction.


Look back and dig what you were interested in or always wanted to do.


Maybe you find some golden nuggets.


It's all about keeping yourself busy. Keeping your mind busy.


Nitzsche said its easier to forsake a desire completely than being moderate. Sure, there are people who really can consume moderately - no doubt.


But if you are an addict this isn't an option, because you aren't able to control your behaviour.


It's about finding a new positive hobby because the old hobby was addiction only.


Find something you need absolute focus on.


That can be extremely hard in the beginning, because you don't know how to fill the void.


So just start with the ones you can implement quickly, like listening to music and find something you personally love, step-by-step, and do more of that.


And that only.


It's a general list and not everything suits everybody - just to keep in mind.


It's about getting an inspiration.

What's next?



If you haven't found anything you can implement then use my free guide to find what you are good at.


It will help you to reveal your unique skill(s) you can then focus on.


You have something within, something you are better than most people.


Let me know in the comments.

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