Nightmares, fears, depressed – What happened?

It all happened last year when everything was getting harder and harder to do the things Jim needed to do.  


He felt off balance and really felt like he's lacking concentration and his memory is shocking.


Jim had so many depressing, awful thoughts in his head and he kept zoning out. 


He knew the thoughts are dramatic, nonsensical, over the top, unrealistic, a product of his paranoia, but he still wasn't able to get rid of it. 


my depression won't go away



Jim was constantly battling with this in his head. It was a living nightmare and it only got worse. If death were to come along Jim wouldn't say no.


He tried reasoning with the irrational thoughts, and tried fighting against them, tried meditation and breathing/muscle relaxation techniques but nothing has helped Jim so far. 


But then, one day, he met Dan - a good old friend.


And Dan immediately recognized his bad condition and asked: "Jim, what happened to you?"


And Jim was telling him, he has become extremely depressed, constantly anxious and he feels like a failure.


He doesn't derive enjoyment from the things he used to. Nothing has helped him so far. 


Dan replied: "Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I went through that hell too, but finally I have found relief."




What Dan found has relieved anxiety for him. It has made him less anxious and it helps him sleep through the night. Dan was very pleased with the results.


He feels energized, happy, calm, focused. He feels so good to feel like his best self again.


So after listening to Dan and all the improvements he has experienced, Jim wanted to try this as well.


And now Jim wished he had the opportunity to try it sooner because it literally changed his life.